National APA and Resources

The American Payroll Association is the professional society for Payroll Professionals.

This section will provide more information about APA objectives and their Website URL along with other valuable resources the Payroll Profession may need during the course of Payroll Duties.


The American Payroll Association pursues the following objectives:

To increase the Payroll Professional's skill level through education and mutual support.

To obtain recognition for payroll work as practiced in today's business and legislative environments and as a professional discipline.

To represent the Payroll Professional on the federal, state and local level.

To provide public service education on payroll and employment issues.

Anyone engaged in payroll administration and/or related fields is eligible for APA membership. APA proudly represents a true cross section of the payroll profession made up predominantly of payroll managers from all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, with a growing constituency in Canada and other foreign nations, whose payroll informational needs are as diverse as the number of employees paid and as demanding as the number of states and countries in which they pay. 

Visit their website at

Become a National APA Member by filling out this short application form online found HERE or by downloading the national APA application.


Helpful government links:


Online payroll calculator:


Payroll related websites:




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